April 20, 2021

Mamagoto And Foxtrot Come Together For A Unique Gourmet Affair In Cyber Hub Gurgaon, Here’s All You Need To Know

One can indulge in Asian delicacies of Mamagoto and also experience cocktails of Foxtrot.


  • In a unique concept Mamagoto and Foxtrot have come together in Gurugram
  • Under one roof one can enjoy pan-Asian delicacies with eclectic cocktails
  • Here is what all you can look out for at this new concept in Cyber Hub

DLF Cyber Hub has been a hotspot of eclectic dining options and party places for more than a decade. With an array of restaurants and breweries dotting the bustling place, Cyber Hub never sees a dull day. Adding to the glitterati, two of the most popular restaurants – Mamagoto and Foxtrot have come together under one roof! In an innovative concept, the two restaurants have come together to bring a one-of-a-kind restaurant that offers the best of both eateries to loyal patrons.

At the restaurant, diners can indulge in sumptuous Asian delicacies of Mamagoto and also experience extraordinary cocktails of the Foxtrot backroom bar. Besides an expansive backroom bar from Foxtrot shelling some unique cocktails, the all-new restaurant has Mamagoto in its front dining area with a lovely open courtyard, where diners can enjoy a lavish spread consisting of some signature dishes from both the restaurants along with some new additions to the menu. We sampled some of the best of pan-Asian, Indian and fusion, only to have our tummies full and our cravings satiated!

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Foxtrot backroom bar


The all-new restaurant has Mamagoto in its front dining area with a lovely open courtyard.

We started off with a huge portion of loaded Mexican platter from Foxtrot which included Beirut-styled hummus topped with keema served along with fries, pita bread, chillies and lavash. Next was a staple Indian non-veg platter which left us craving more for with its melt-in-mouth galouti kebab and succulent fish tikkas. Chilli fish from Mamagoto’s new menu was another winner on the table with the perfect crunch of peanuts and flavour of Chinese wine. A pan-Asian fare is never complete without a pair of dumplings and we weren’t disappointed at all with the lightly pan-fried old school gyoza chicken dumplings served with a spicy sauce.

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Old school gyoza chicken dumplings


Chilli fish from Mamagoto’s new menu was another winner on the table.

For the mains, we chose traditional crispy lamb served with bell peppers, spring onion and Chinese spices. Next was a spicy Bangkok bowl which is somewhat similar to Thai bai ka pao along with spices, herbs, garlic and chillies served with jasmine rice. We also enjoyed the special Kolkata spicy noodles with chicken that literally tested our spice resistance!



Spicy Bangkok Bowl


Traditional crispy lamb

To pair the meals, Foxtrot has an endless variety of cocktails offering some of the most unique combinations. ‘Pop!’, a cocktail that is made using vodka, popcorn and leaf tea, remains a popular choice. ‘What-a-matcha’ is an eclectic combination of whisky and matcha syrup and lastly, Smoke on the Water is a brilliant smoked hickory wood whisky-based cocktail. the list is endless!

Overall, the culinary venture of Mamagoto and Foxtrot together are all set to please the gourmand in you with an amalgam of pan-Asian food offerings and novel cocktails and beverages.

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